About Artist

"My artistic practice is represented by the holographic 
inter-dimensionality of life in India, its many layered realities, 
one superimposed over another - ancient and modern, 
real and perceived".

Sonalee Tomar is a contemporary Indian painter. Her work is almost entirely figurative, characterised by its moody, cinematic scenes and lush overlapping flora. 

Born in India, in 1985, she studied Industrial design, specialising in Textiles, at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India (2003-2008).

Artistic approach, inspiration and goals

In an anthropocentric world, Sonalee's sanguine work seeks to place the individual in symbiotic surrender to nature.  

Deeply influenced by the nomadic life of her childhood as the daughter of an armed forces specialist, every few months would bring a new town and new environment. Moving from the stark, spare contours of high Himalayas to the wet, monsoonal lands of the peninsular coast, and many places in between, from a young age Sonalee was able to experience the incredible, vibrant diversity of India, its landscapes and people. This exposure has formed the framework for continuous inspiration.

Informed by her training in textiles, Sonalee maps the history of the subcontinent via India's textile traditions and ancient documentation in miniature painting particular to the north-west frontier province where she traces her roots.  

Current work

Sonalee believes life on the Indian subcontinent is an unending journey of inspiration, alive in all its impossibility, blessed by the omnipresent spirit of nature and a higher power.

Her work is the result of a motivation to express the incongruence between her own experience of the vast, complex and ever changing enigma that is modern India, and that of its commonly held external perceptions.